Our tight-knit group is one that comprises entrepreneurs and professionals who work throughout the world in the spheres of hospitality, catering and accommodation.

We are here to bring you unforgettable experiences, to make you feel good about yourselves, to make you revel, to gift you moments of self-love! For if you don’t love yourself first, it’s difficult to love others, especially those who love you beyond measure.

These are the businesses that comprise our group:

  • In the world of catering, we own another restaurant at Taormina-Trappitello, named A’ Massaria .

Centuries ago, the ‘massaria’ was a rural business run by a peasant (massaro) with a special agrarian contract known as the ‘colonia parziaria’, which meant he was indebted to pay personal services to his master. Today, A’ Massaria is self-sustaining and thus all the produce comes from our own garden – all the vegetables which are needed to follow the ancient, traditional and authentic recipes. In addition to the organic vegetable patch, in the field adjacent to the massaria, there are horse stables and a play area for children, one set in natural surroundings. The massaria is the ideal spot for lunches and dinners with your family and friends!


Our B&B is just a few metres from Taormina’s Teatro Antico, in a strategic position that allows you to make the most of Taormina’s centre. The rooms have spectacular views which look out onto the Naxos Bay and Etna, a volcano which has been immortalised by many painters, chronicled by many writers and enjoyed by the many visitors who have made Taormina one of the most enchanting places in the world. At B&B Teatro Greco 39, every single detail is accounted for to ensure you will have a magical holiday!


The Babilonia School situated in Taormina was the very first Italian language school for foreigners in the South of Italy (from Rome downwards). Since 1992, it promotes and organises Italian language courses for foreigners who are captivated by our language and culture. Its prestigious status, with its international accolades, has only grown, making it one of the most known and talked-about places to study the Italian language and culture in the world. We have never lost sight of our main objective which is the diffusion and promotion of our tremendous and fascinating Sicilian cultural heritage!


  • And even in experience-based (hands-on) tourism , we run cooking classes at both restaurants: I Giardini di Babilonia and A’ Massaria

People don’t just travel around by sight (with their eyes), but with all their senses, and especially, with taste (palate). There are hundreds of Italian and international visitors who would like to unravel the secrets and technicalities of our gastronomy.

And we are here to grant your wishes by taking you on an enogastronomic journey (through food and wine) that is imbued with our land’s history and age-old wisdom.

. And after we’ve conquered your eyes and palate, the only thing left to do is to conquer your heart!