An amalgamation of tastes, nature and tradition

One can’t talk about the menu without considering the seasonality of its produce.

Seasonality is an issue that has two fronts: awareness and responsibility. In an ever-changing world, I want to make my mark. It’s not because I’m a radical-chic, rather I simply think it’s my duty. I wholeheartedly feel that we must change our modern lifestyle for the better, for the sake of having a better quality of life. In the last few years, the world has changed quite rapidly without our even realising it, and consequently we have become slaves to a system. But I feel responsible for all that I do, prepare and offer. Making the right decisions is a matter of wellbeing. If I do the right thing, I feel good about it! If, contrarily, I do something that goes against my principles, it negatively impacts me.

The matter is fundamental even at an economic level. If you don’t respect the seasonality of your produce, you set yourself up for failure. If you buy aubergines which are out of season, you’ll be overpaying for produce that is qualitatively worthless. If you can reap the maximum benefits from produce that is affordable during season, why would you even think of overpaying for poor-quality, out-of-season produce?! It is in this way that the discourse has ties to aspects of the economy and of management, as well as to moral values and ethics.

Seasonality is well and truly a miracle. What’s the point of offering a standardised product all year round? You have to wait for certain things, desire them! We must learn to cultivate our tastes while we wait for the produce we enjoy to become in-season. Only nature can decide this, and only after it has decided will we then be able to fully reap the benefits of the produce’s distinctive taste. If you would like to savour aubergines, you must come here in June. If you fancy tuna, you must come here in May. If you want to eat a sizeable pauro fish, it will be ready in June. Everything needs its time! There’s absolutely no point in buying out-of-season strawberries or tomatoes that have been sprayed with fertilisers 30-20-10, packed with nitrogen to give them their red colour and sprinkled with anti-contaminants to prevent their becoming mouldy and contaminating the other crates. Tomatoes, strawberries and any other produce are at their best when they mature naturally in the sun, not when their maturation is hastened by chemical agents!

At I Giardini, we distinguish ourselves thanks to the choices we make. Our heart and soul go into each one of these decisions.

Perhaps this is a Romantic idea, but I want to make my own tiny contribution in changing the world for the better. In my eyes, ‘hope’ is not a great word. I prefer to think in terms of ‘duty’. Each one of us has the duty to make small changes for the sake of each other and for future generations. We can do this by becoming role models, sharing ideas and committing to the best practices.

As for me, my duty is to bring my life’s vision to the table, all while making choices that are in line with my life’s philosophy!

Menu à la Carte

La burrata di bufala Ragusana e pomodoro cuore di bue

Buffalo burrata cheese from Ragusa with beefsteak tomato
€ 14,00

Il Carpaccio di manzo modicano

Beef carpaccio from Modica
€ 18,00

La parmigiana di melanzane viola pesce spada e bufala ragusana

Eggplant parmigiana (fried and sliced purple eggplant layered with swordfish and Ragusa buffalo burrata)
€ 16,00

Le alici di maglia farcite, panate e fritte in olio EVO

Stuffed Maglia anchovies, breaded and fried in EVO oil
€ 16,00

La caponata di cernia bianca e gamberi rossi del mediterraneo

Caponata (fried eggplant and vegetables seasoned with olive oil, tomatoes, olives and capers,in a sweet and sour sauce) served with grouper and red shrimps
€ 19,00

La tartara di tonno rosso olive schiacciate e capperi di Salina

Red tuna tartar served with olives and Salina capers
€ 20,00

Il cotto di mare

A mixed platter of Sicilian cooked fish
€ 28,00

Il crudo della pesca locale

Mediterranean fish served raw
€ 30,00

Le reginette alla “vecchia Taormina”

Ribbon-shaped pasta with a sauce of courgettes, tomatoes, eggplant with baked ricotta cheese
€ 16,00

Gli gnocchetti al ragù di suino nero e Ragusano 12 mesi “Floridia”

Small gnocchi with wild black-pork sauce and 12-month-aged “Floridia” Ragusa cheese
€ 18,00

La Busiata Trapanese con tonno rosso olive e capperi di Salina

Trapani coil-shaped pasta with red tuna, olives and Salina capers
€ 20,00

Le linguine “Pastificio Piazza” vongole veraci e colatura di alici

Linguine pasta “Pastificio Piazza”, served with clams and salted anchovy sauce
€ 22,00

I cavatelli al ferretto ricciola, pomodorino datterino e melanzana perlina

Traditional handmade cavatelli with amberjack fish, plum tomatoes and “perlina” eggplant
€ 20,00

I tagliolini di pasta fresca gamberi viola, pistacchio Raffadali e limone Interdonato

Freshly made tagliolini pasta with violet shrimp, Raffadali pistachio and Interdonato lemon
€ 22,00

Gli spaghetti “Pastificio Piazza” ricci di mare, gamberi rossi e bottarga di tonno

Spaghetti “Pastificio Piazza” with sea urchin, red prawns and bottarga (tuna roe)
€ 28,00

Le braciolette di pesce spada locale e melanzane perlina

Swordfish chops served with “perlina” eggplant
€ 20,00

Il pescato del giorno in frittura

Fried Mediterranean catch of the day
€ 24,00

L’involtino di tonno rosso e ricotta fresca di vacca Modicana agli agrumi

Red tuna rolls with fresh citrus flavoured ricotta cheese from Modica
€ 20,00

La ricciola mediterranea in salsa Eoliana

Amberjack fish in Eolian sauce (capers, olives, cherry tomatoes)
€ 24,00

La cernia bianca al limone Interdonato

White grouper with Interdonato lemon
€ 24,00

Il pescato nostrano del giorno

Mediterranean catch of the day
€8,00 per 100g | €8,00 /etto

L’agnello da latte Siciliano, carré, purea di patate e verdure saltate

Spare ribs of Sicilian lamb, mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables
€ 25,00

Pluma di suino nero selvatico miele di ape nera e verdure selvatiche

Wild black pork pluma marinated in black bee honey and wild herbs
€ 24,00

Filetto di vacca rossa, patate al burro e rosmarino, verdure di campagna saltate

Fillet of red cow, butter potatoes and rosemary sauteed country vegetables
€ 28,00

Pollo ruspante ripieno patate alla brace e verdure di campagna

Stuffed free-range chicken, grilled potatoes and country vegetables
€ 24,00

Il cannolo di ricotta con la cialda al miele e gelato al latte di mandorla pizzuta

Sicilian cannolo in honey flavored waffle, stuffed with creamy ricotta cheese, and almond milk ice-cream
€ 8,00

Tortino a cuore caldo al cioccolato modicano e gelato di nocciole dell’Etna e sale di Mothia

Lava cake with chocolate from Modica, Etna hazelnut ice cream and Mothia salt
€ 8,00

Il Tiramisù al caffè

Coffee Tiramisù
€ 8,00

Il parfait di arance Valencia, miele di ape nera, pinoli e salsa di fragole di Ribera

Valencia orange parfait with black bee honey, pine nuts and Ribera strawberry sauce
€ 8,00

Ananas caramellata malibù lime e gelato di cocco

Caramelized pineapple, malibù lime and coconut ice cream
€ 8,00

Gelato mango di sicilia, frutto della passione e vaniglia del madacascar

Sicilian mango ice cream, passion fruit and Madagascar vanilla
€ 8,00